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Gyro Screen is the circular screens operating with special Vibratory Motor imparting vibration in multiple directions to the screen assembly. Gyratory motion is the most effective method for screening, complete machine consists of Vibration generating base which houses the Vibratory Motor and Screening Assembly with wire mesh or perforated sheet. The material fed on the screen travels above the screen or passes through the screen depending upon its particle size and nature. “BHALANI” gyro screen provides optimum screening & assures maximum feed-rate & efficiency.

Gyro Gyratory Screen Machine Manufacturer India

Description Of Gyro Screen Machine

Gyro Screen Machine Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Bhalani Industries Gyro screens are designed on the accurate standard of gyrator motion produced by double eccentric weight mounted on two ends of the shaft of perpendicularly or say vertically mounted particularly designed vibratory motor. The screening association consisting of one or more set of deck/screens is mounted on a set of angularly positioned springs, productively isolating the base from vibrating assembly. The double weight moving with the shafts and situated at qualified angular position produces three dimensional vibrations which in turn cause the material falling on the Gyro screen mesh move at a definite speed in straight to spiral way giving organized and operative screening.

As a consequence of the adjust proficiency of weight and the relative angle between them it is promising to make the material move on the Gyro screen in preferred track to achieve the desired holding time for effective screening before the material gets discharged from the outlet spout. All the way through this process the particles reduced than the mesh aperture fall through the mesh and the oversize material gets discharged from the outlet spout. This system is repeated on the next mesh in case of multi deck screening.

Machine-Driven Functioning Principle Of Gyro Screens Machine

The quantifiable materials to be screened is nurtured on to the center of top Gyro screen. The under sizes material passed quickly though the screen during its travel to the periphery. The oversize material is continuous discharged through a tangential outlet. Gyro sifters are prepared to handle many screens one on top of the other with feed trays in between to give more than a few correct sized fractions in a single screening operation. Extraordinary designs with up to seven screens are correspondingly available for grading.

The maximum weight on the motor shaft rotates in a plane close to the center of mass of the assembly. Rotation of the top eccentric weights creates vibration in the horizontal plane which causes the material to move transversely the screen cloth to the periphery. Growing the top eccentric mass increases the horizontal throw causing huge material to release at a quicker rate. At Gyro Screen Machine Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Bhalani Industries.

The bottommost eccentric weights rotate below the center of the vibrating mass creating angle on the screens giving vibration in vertical and tangential planes. Increasing the vertical element of motion promotes turnover of material on the screen surface facilitating maximum quantity of under sizes material to pass from side to side the screen. The effective vertical motion supports in minimizing striking of Gyro screen.

The peripheral element of motion is controlled by the angle of lead given to bottom weights with relation to top weights. Variation in principal angle controls the spiral configuration of material travel over the Gyro screen cloth. Speed and flow pattern of material travel over the screen cloth can be set by the operator for extreme through-put and screening efficiency. Characteristic material travel patterns generated at various lead angles are displayed below.

Gyro Screen Machine Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Bhalani Industries is a one of the foremost and prominent Gyro Screen Vibratory Gyratory Machine Manufacturers in India. Bhalani Industries offer products in different sizes and dimensions as well as based on customized needs of our customers. Gyro Screen Machine Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Bhalani Industries manufacture products with supreme quality and standards using high grade raw materials. Our products are broadly applicable in different industries for their assorted applications. Gyro Screen Machine Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Bhalani Industries machine products are extensively very well acknowledged from diverse Industry businesses.

BHALANI Gyro screen use in solid-solid, solid-liquid separation in different type of industries.

Applications Of Gyro Screens Machine

  • Oversize Material Removal
  • Grading or classification
  • Under size or Dust removal
  • Solids liquids Separation
  • Stone Removal
  • Metal Particle Removal
Gyro Screens Machine Features & benefits

  • Simple Construction.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • Versatile.
  • Accurate Separation.
  • Easy to Operate.
  • Minimum screen building
Gyro Screens Models

“BHALANI”Gyro screen are available in M.S., SS304, SS316, & SS316L. Machine non contact parts are in M.S. Machine motors are manufacture by us. Motor power supply is 3 Ph. 440 V 50 Hz.

Model Machine Dia.MM Machine Dia.Inch Motor HP
BVS24 610 24” 0.5 / 1
BVS30 770 30” 0.5 / 1
BVS36 900 36” 1 / 2
BVS48 1200 48” 2
BVS60 1500 60” 3
BVS72 1800 72” 3

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