Use Of Vibro Screen

April 15, 2022

Industry Use Of Vibrating Screen

The use of vibro screens has enabled the continuous sorting process to be automated. Vibro Screen supersedes the traditional sieves, shakers and manual labor. As opposed to being used in preliminary operations, vibro screens are now used in a wide range of industries such as Food, Plastic, Agro, mining, minerals, Papper and Many more industries. Vibration support is provided by springs which are typically made from Spring steel wire for vibration dampening characteristics.

Vibro Screen are most commonly employed when separating finely crushed materials such as solid-solid separation but can also be used for solid-liquid separation materials.

Vibro Screen Machine Manufacturer

Vibro Screen Machine Manufacturers In India

Why do we need Vibro Screen?

A vibro screen is a machine that is designed to sort out different types of material like spices, Maida, flour, rubber, plastic, bulk material, bakery item, coal, sand, stones, earth, etc. with different sizes and shapes which are used in various industries. In the process of screening or producing any material, it is essential that we can only get what we required for our purpose. At any time during this process, many unwanted items like oversize material, foreign partials, dust, stones, sand and clay can pass through our production line and make havoc on our product as well as resources.

How does a Vibro Screen work?

Vibro screen is Vibratory or Gyratory Sieving Machine designed on the principle of gyratory motion generated by vibro motor. Gyratory motion is the most effective method for screening. As per requirement of customer wire mesh is fited in screen frame. course and fine material are separated due to vibration when you feed the material on wire mesh for screening.

What types of Vibro Screen are available?

A vibro Screen is generally of two types, one standard vibro screen and the other inline vibro screen. The standard vibro screen have 1 vibro motor which is mounted in center of machine and this is a more cost-effective solution for screening. the screen openings tend to fit tighter and allow the material to pass through much faster. inline vibro screen has 2 motors which are fitted side of the machining. Inline Vibro screens are mostly used for material screening in a inline line. In which the material are dumped from the top of the machine and the separated material come out from the bottom in the middle of the machine.

How does a Vibro Screen operate?

Vibro screen are driven by vertically mounted vibratory motor having eccentric weight at the top & bottom end of the shaft. At the time of Motor rotation top weight causes vibration in Horizontal plane whereas the rotation of bottom weight causes tilt & vibrations in vertical plane. By changing their lead angle, various spiral-screening patterns are obtained to suit different application. Vibration support is provided by springs which are typically made from spring steel material wire for vibration dampening characteristics.

Vibro Screen Machine Manufacturer

Vibro Screen Machine is a machine that is used to sort out oversize material, foreign partials, dust, stones, sand and clay into movable waste. The screen machine provides a crackling sound when the material is passed through it.

Vibration Screen Used for Sorting Materials

This machine is mostly used for the Use in solid-solid, solid-liquid separation in different type of industries.


There are no negative effects because of using vibro screens. Only benefits can be obtained using this machine. Therefore, they are widely used in various industries. There is no immediate damage to the environment as well as humans if vibro screens are used properly. They have become an essential part of many aspects of our daily life and it is very much beneficial for all of us. They can help to provide our society with security and assure sustainable development for years to come.

April 15, 2022

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